Tip #2 Look after yourself!

When we go on holidays we often indulge more than we normally would. I started this campaign because I’d recently come back from South East Asia. It feels like just yesterday my days consisted of me wandering around the streets, stuffing my face with all the delicious foods and drinks that Asia has to offer. I definitely did not care about how unhealthy of a lifestyle I was living because I was on holidays.

Psychology lecturer Dr James Donnelly says “getting back into a healthier routine will help alleviate feelings of sadness. We sit around eat and drink a lot during the holidays and physically become out of wack. So one of the key issues of maintaining good mood is to get out and do something physical”

So it’s very very important to plan time to exercise! Exercising releases a chemical called endorphins which makes you feel calm and overall happy. It also helps your body in reducing any stress! So this is perfect especially when post-holiday syndrome gets you all overwhelmed when you return back to Uni or work.

Here are some easy exercise routines for beginners!


Image Source: Neila Rey


Image Source: Neila Rey


Image Source: Neila Rey 

Even a short walk can change your mood when if you feel stuck with the post-holiday blues. 

Let us know how these workouts work for you!



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  1. These quick workout routines are great! I just started using some of these last week as a way to reduce stress and become healthier

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