Tip #1: Find things to look forward to!


We’re halfway through the semester now and mid semester break couldn’t be any further away…

Do you sit in your classes day-dreaming that you were still on that beach in Bali? Or still exploring around Europe? Do you feel overwhelmed with stress from all your assessments? If you’ve answered yes, then you have post-holiday syndrome! It totally normal to feel a bit depressed and wishing you were still on holidays. Thus it is important to find things to look forward to. Take some time planning activities to put into your busy schedule to give your life a little bit of balance and keep you excited.

You put all that effort into dreaming about your holiday, put some effort into dreaming about your reality.

So why don’t you take a break from all your assessments this weekend and relieve yourself from the stress of the semester and make your way down to Smooth Festival of Chocolate! Studies suggests that “Eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate every day can help reduce the hormones in your body that make you feel stressed”. 

Event: Smooth Festival of Chocolate

When: 10th – 11th September 2016

Where: The Rocks Sydney

Costs: Free!!!

With over 90 mouth-watering stalls, there’s something for everyone!

For more information please visit:

Smooth Festival of Chocolate 

So come along and join us in taking steps to make every day a holiday and fight post-holiday syndrome once and for all!



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